Over 25 Years Experience Providing Housing and Supportive Services

A Fresh Start Begins Here

Supportive housing solutions for successful re-entry into the community

Stability Breeds Success

Transitional housing provides the foundation for a successful reintegration. When individuals on parole have a safe and secure place to live, they are better equipped to utilize the tools and resources available to build a brighter future.

Approved Housing: A Path to Self-Reliance

Individuals who otherwise would remain incarcerated have a safe and stable housing option. This environment encourages accountability, independence, and self-reliance. With safe and stable housing individuals can turn their focus to other areas of their lives which may need attention.

Empowering Success: Supportive Services for Reintegration

We understand the challenges of re-entry. Our comprehensive services provide the tools and support you need to succeed. Within our supportive community, you’ll find the encouragement and resources to build a better future.

Our Re-entry Support Services

  • Obtaining Credentials: Securing essential documentation for success
  • Medical Attention: Accessing healthcare for overall well-being
  • Employment Preparation: Job readiness training and placement assistance
  • Financial Management: Guidance on banking, budgeting, and credit repair
  • Navigating Your City: Support with public transportation and mobility solutions

Welcome Home to New Beginnings

Safe, Supportive Environments for Rebuilding Your Future

Empower Your Potential

Beyond basic needs, we emphasize personal growth and well-being. Our experts and professionals guide residents through everyday decisions and challenges. Our structured programs in Problem Resolution, Communication, and Life Skills foster new, healthy habits.

Healing Begins Within

Incarceration often leaves deep mental and physical scars, magnifying the struggle against stigma and past traumas. Our program provides a safe space for emotional exploration, healing, and personal growth. Through developing healthy coping mechanisms, individuals can transform and, when ready, reconnect with loved ones.