Amer Living, LLC

Over 25 years of experience in providing housing and supportive services

We feel that transitional housing is necessary when it comes to providing safety and stability. Supplied with the necessary tools and resources, individuals on parole can carve out their own way to success.

Approved Housing

Individuals who otherwise would remain incarcerated have a safe and stable housing option. This environment encourages accountability, independence, and self-reliance. With safe and stable housing individuals can turn their focus to other areas of their lives which may need attention.

Supportive Services

We offer various services to accommodate everyone’s needs. Starting with obtaining credentials, medical attention, preparing for employment and job placement. Help with managing finances such as a bank account and credit building or repair. Providing these services and resources is key to a solid foundation upon which an individual can build their future. This type of environment is a contributing factor to setting and achieving goals as you are with individuals who are in various stages of life after incarceration.

Life Skill Development

Aside from the essentials like housing and employment, our focus is also on personal growth and well-being. And this is why we have subject matter experts and professionals on hand to help guide individuals through the day-to-day decision making and how to overcome the obstacles they may encounter. To provide structure and encourage new healthy habits, we offer Problem Resolution, Communication and Life Skill classes.

Emotional and Social Well-Being

Incarceration can affect your mental and physical wellbeing. The experience has many fighting a lifelong battle to overcome the stigma of one wrong act or a lapse in judgement. Some are survivors of an abusive childhood, where their most essentials needs were neglected. They require a safe space where they can explore their emotions, heal, and grow. By developing healthy coping mechanisms individuals can witness their own transformation. And once they are ready, can reconnect with loved ones.

We are here for you and your loved ones. Helping you to navigate towards a new future.

We are your catalyst for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Amer Living facilities assist individuals leaving incarceration reenter their communities as productive and responsible citizens.

Amer Living encourages personal growth and enables individuals to become financially stable. Therefore, improving one’s quality of life allowing them to become independent members of society.

Core Values

  • We believe everyone can contribute
  • We believe everyone deserves a second chance
  • We believe everyone should be treated equally
  • We believe everyone should be treated with respect
  • We believe everyone deserves a quality life
  • We believe that hard work should be rewarded

Our Vision

To give hope to every incarcerated individual for a better tomorrow. And to provide them with all the necessary tools to help them succeed in life.

Services We Offer

  • Obtaining Identification
  • Health Resources / Medicare / Medicaid / Medication / Pharmacy Resources
  • Applying for SNAP Benefits
  • Food Resources
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Basic Transportation

Onsite Classes

  • Life Skills Classes
  • Substance Use Resources
  • Sex Offender Counseling
  • Employment Preparedness and Placement
  • Financial Literacy Classes